Finally! Something to Mix Tequila With.

Ironically Retro or Retro Irony? You Decide! Rosie Schaap notes that once-looked-down-upon 1980s-era drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea are making a comeback at hipster-ish cocktail bars in places like the East Village. Another sign, I think, we’re reaching Peak Cocktail. I don’t actually have anything against Long Island Iced Teas, but if you’re in the classy-drink business and you’re reduced to having to offer them as a novelty item to get the incremental customer in the door, you might have run out of truly worthwhile ideas. As it is, the upscale-cocktail people must already be rattled by the emerging Cider Bar threat.

LITOr I could be wrong. I was with Mrs. Banks and our daughters at a place called the Gilroy, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, a few weeks back and found myself sipping a concoction I later learned was a variation on a drink called a Paloma: one-third each tequila, Aperol, and fresh lime juice, shaken over ice and strained into a cocktail glass. Delicious and refreshing! (I’d post a photo, but whenever I do, people e-mail to tell me to get a new camera.) If cocktail bars keep coming up with combinations like this, they have nothing to worry about. . . .

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